Village of Hope

Ideal life could have a variety of meanings to everybody, but I must say that an ideal life should be based on our term of happiness. For me, it would be a life where I am continuing to develop myself and be better as a person.

Speaking of an ideal life, first of all, I wish for financial freedom so I can make life decisions without being overly stressed about the financial impact. Therefore, I can use my talents, energy, and time to help someone in need and be a blessing to others.

I graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in hotel and tourism management. During the past few years, I have made a few career changes. However, I would never have imagined myself ending up working with a non-profit organization. Working in this sector changes my ways of thinking, and I’m more appreciative of certain things that I  took for granted before, especially in-term of health issues. 

If there are no barriers and financial constraints, what would be one thing that I look forward to? Yes, I wish I could run a “village of hope” for non-profit hospitality. 

I’m imagining myself developing an area where I can run facilities like a guest house to lend a helping hand to those in need by providing temporary stays. This may include cancer patients and their families who financially struggle while undergoing treatment, college students from a poor family who can’t afford to pay rent, those who just migrate to find a new job or just lost their job and many more. I wish this place can provide temporary relief from their hiccups. 

I wish to run this village where I can transform the way we connect. A community center from people to people where we can help and benefit from each other. A place where we can create a spirit of volunteerism among the community. 

Overall I just want a place where we can be more empathetic and be more aware of other people’s struggles. I believe having empathy for others allows us to recognize the privileges we have in our own lives and those basic things – health, family, home, food – things that we often take for granted. 

Sarinande binti Mansor
Hopes and Dreams Contest Participant

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