Supporting a Shelter for the Homeless Project

My dream for 2021 is to support a new and oncoming Penang State Project chaired by YP Phee Boon Poh. Shelter for the homeless due to being ready for October 2021 at 19 Jalan CY Choy. 

Inspiring others to donate is not an easy task. Attempts to raise funds multiple times is not cost-effective and unsustainable unless the campaign attracts long term donors. For any charity to survive, it requires a regular injection of cash to run the organization. Giving net profit gain from operating a short-term rental is both possible and sustainable as profit generated from this activity could go a long way into helping those who require basic shelter. Using my existing building in a residential area to run this type of operation will, of course, require the necessary approval. The running of the business can be assisted by volunteers to reduce the oncost.

People who booked their stay in such a holiday home can get a feel of satisfaction that their pleasure could translate into helping those in need. There could be an option to also make this place a one-stop well-being centre with the help of other professionals like the yoga instructors, masseuse, chiropodist, hairdressers, etc., where people could make the place a retreat or simply a hub for a good family gathering. This would be so unique. Not only will it provide jobs and stimulate the economy of Penang, but it will also encourage other homeowners like myself to do the same to their otherwise vacant properties.

Currently, the property can be found on the Airbnb website. 95 photos with descriptions are available on the website. The property achieved super host status 3 times in a row since its inception last October. It is currently rented until October 2021, which falls nicely with the opening of the homeless project. The property is normally rented for RM2000 per night during weekdays and RM2200 on weekends, excluding tax.

Layean Cheah
Hopes and Dreams Contest Participant

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