Where do I begin? I would start at the point where I grew up in an orphanage together with my brother when my dad disappeared, abandoned the family, and my mum left to work in Singapore.

At that time, I was in lower secondary school, and it took me one whole year to battle the trauma of adapting to a new life in an orphanage. I did moderately well in the Form Five SPM examination, and I recalled my class teacher, helping me to apply for a scholarship at a culinary skills college in Ipoh.

It’s been ten years since I graduated from the cooking courses with top grades. Following that, I strike out to explore and to experience working at various eateries in Perak.

My dream, especially in the coming year of 2021, is to set up a food stall to be known as `Takeaways` or `Ta Pau` in Chinese, specializing in my signature vegetarian dumplings, and for non-vegetarians, it should be tantalizing to savour my secret recipe satay chicken buns of various flavours. I note that frozen food in the supermarkets has a long shelf life. Contrary to such a trend, I would emphasize on quality and hygienic food, definitely preservatives free and not to be stored more than over two weeks. At the same time, I hope to offer lower pricing to enhance affordability for such mouth-watering food.

Who knows if one beginning of a `Takeaways Ta Pau` stall will lead to more stalls in Perak and Penang?

It’s also my dream to pledge a donation of five percent of the sales value to charity causes. I strongly believe that one good deed deserves another. Despite these difficult times, I shall hang on to reach for the stars.


Katherine Yeap
Hopes and Dreams Contest Winner

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