Congratulations! You are now the proud mother of a beautiful baby.

The following exercises are to be done in the ward, but you must continue to do them after you get home. They are important as they will strengthen your muscles and help to restore your figure.


  1. (a) Deep Breathing – It is important to take a few deep breaths from time to time during the day. This helps to use your lungs fully and improve your circulation.
  2. (b) Leg Exercises – to help improve your circulation, prevent and reduce varicose veins.
  • (i)Keeping your knees straight, move your feet up and down and circle them round.
  • (ii) Bend and stretch your knees, one then the other.


Pelvic Exercises – these exercises strengthen your pelvic muscles.

  • (a) Lie flat with your knees bent and thighs just apart. Tighten your ‘pelvic floor’ muscles i. e. the muscles surrounding your front and back passages. Hold and relax slowly.
  • (b) Do this also standing up, feet together.

Incorporate this exercise into your daily living i. e. when washing up etc. It is very important.


Abdominal Exercise I

  • (a) Lie flat, knees bent, one hand tucked in the small
    of your back. Now, pull in the lower part of your to very strongly – tuck your seat under and flatten r hand.
  • (b) Practise this in a sitting and standing position also.

Abdominal Exercise II

Lie flat, knees bent, Raise head and shoulders, arms in front to touch your knees. Hold, then slowly relax.


Abdominal Exercise III

  • (a) Lie flat, legs straight, feet apart, shorten the right leg by pulling upwards from the hip, keeping the leg on the floor or bed. Repeat with opposite side.
  • (b) Do this in a standing

position, feet apart.

Abdominal Exercise IV

  • (a) Lie flat, legs straight, feet apart, bend to the right (keeping shoulders on the floor). Slide the right hand down the other side of the right leg to the knee. Repeat with opposite side.
  • (b) Do this in a standing position, feet apart.

(All these exercises done regularly will help to strengthen your muscles and restore your figure.)

An Exercise For Your Bosom

Breast-feeding stimulates the body tissues to contract, so it actually improves your figure — provided you wear a good supporting bra so that the weight does not drag down from the upper chest. But, whether you breast-feed or bottle-feed your baby, this exercise will help to firm you up. (Notice how your chest muscles shorten and pull up your breasts when you do.)

The Top Lift

Stand or sit upright. Grasp your wrists with the opposite hands. Lift both arms until elbows are on shoulder level and keep them there. Then grip really hard and try to push the bones of your wrists towards your elbows. Relax. Push and stop; push and stop. Repeat until you begin to tire.

It is very important to hold yourself well. Bad posture results in backache. Keep your tummy and bottom tucked in and always remember to lift with a straight back e. g. when lifting or getting down to the floor, always start with feet apart and bend at the knees, keeping the back straight.
Do your exercises once or twice a day, each one 6 times

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