My Ideal World in 2021

In 2020, humanity experienced an unimaginable crisis. A virus, COVID-19, arrived and wreaked havoc across the globe. 

The world as we knew it before March 2020 changed overnight. We went into lockdown. Curfews were imposed. Travel was not allowed except in extraordinary circumstances. We stayed at home, practiced social distancing, wore masks, and washed our hands. Businesses and schools closed, some permanently. 

Hospitals went into battle mode. There was a rush for medical protective gear and hospital beds.  We were desperate for a vaccine.

For many, Covid-19 exacerbated the problems that had already existed before. There was a rise in poverty as jobs were lost. Others experienced a lack of healthcare access and affordability.  Many struggled with isolation.

Education was disrupted as schools were closed. Online learning was challenging for struggling families who could not afford computers or have good internet connections. 

Victims of domestic violence found themselves trapped with their abusers. Irresponsible and cruel political leaders like Donald Trump encouraged misinformation and inflamed tribal divisions and racism via the internet.

My 2021 would be vastly improved from 2020. 

We would be mask-free and vaccinated against Covid-19 and other transmittable diseases. 

We would be free to travel, work or study. 

We would have none of the problems I mentioned above. Everyone would be fully employed. Children would receive an adequate education. Healthcare would be available to all, and technology would be used for society’s good rather than ill.  

Domestic abuse and violence against women and children would stop. Racial discrimination would become a criminal offense.  All forms of discrimination toward women and minorities would be eliminated, and true equality in humankind would be achieved.

People would respect each other and Mother Earth.  Communities would be represented by progressive and responsible leaders.  Corrupt leaders would be prosecuted and barred from any form of influence. Guns and other weapons would be destroyed. 

Scientists, educators, social, healthcare, and environmental workers would receive the funding and support they need. Environmentally-friendly and economically viable solutions will be used for our energy and resources requirements. Plastics will be replaced by biodegradable solutions.

Best of all, neuroscientists and behavioural scientists would invent a special miracle pill that would cure people of destructive, dangerous, and bad behaviours. There would be no more bullies, criminals, and dictators. 

Impossible, you say?

But it is possible.

You see, throughout human history, the world has experienced war, disease, mismanagement, etc. And yet, it has always been rebuilt. 

2020, with all of its challenges, is a hugely better place than 1920 or 1820, for that matter. 

We’ve achieved a better quality of life thanks to progress in science, law, and healthcare. 

If we continue to strive, the world WILL be a better place in 2021 and beyond. 

Be positive, educate yourself, work harder, find solutions to problems, be of service to your community, eat healthily, exercise more, and be kind and considerate. 

That’s all you need to be in 2021. 

Sue-Lyn Yeoh
Hopes and Dreams Contest Participant

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