My Forever Dream

People’s approach to the variety of dream catchers in this modern world reminds us of the importance of the dream world to people throughout time. Dreams have provided uncountable legends such as medicine men, shamans, and prophets, which is a portal to another realm. Beautiful dreams lead to the imagination, which stimulates the mind so that new ideas will be conceived, and new plans will be developed in attaining the object of definite chief aim in life. Hence, I am privileged to share my forever dream, which was led by an impactful incident in my life.

I have very few friends in my life due to my introversion, but I still had a close companion who was my schoolmate. I always wonder about our connection as I realised it was not only about physical compatibility, but there has always been a soulful connection too. The most beautiful thing that I had learned from him, and I am still practicing it in my life, is tolerance and appreciation. For instance, whenever I expressed my feelings to him, first, he will be listening to me patiently without any judgments, and he will be giving his opinions accordingly. I even admire the way he managed me with my emotions. Whether I am angry or sad, he will never be affected by my expression of emotions. When everything in life was going with the flow, suddenly there was heart- wrenching news about Steve, who had been diagnosed with a stage 4 brain tumour. I am barely able to speak, and I could not even face him bravely, especially in the moments when everything is worsening day by day, starting from his eating problems, tiredness, hair loss, and so on. I still remember how I had cut my hair just to make him feel better and that smiling face from him was priceless and had been the best part of my life. 

Although physically, he was getting weaker, but emotionally he was courageous that I could realise the fighter in him. It inspires me to appreciate every single second in life. Life is so unpredictable in the sense that beautiful souls like Steve were gone too soon. People like Steve have inspired me to admire every minute of the things in life and to be emotionally strong no matter the obstacles being faced in life. In loving memory of my best companion, I have decided to allocate 10% of my monthly salary to be donated to any charitable non-profit organisation as little donation within our capability would help to make impactful differences in numerous cancers affecting people’s lives in terms of medications and treatments.

I would end this with a quote that goes, “any man may become great by doing the common-place things of life in a great spirit with a genuine desire to be of helpful service to others, regardless of his calling.”

Navitha A/P Kuppusamy
Hopes and Dreams Contest Participant

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