My 2021 Dream

As a wellness coach and a food scientist, I take care of the well-being of my community. This is one of my biggest dreams in 2021: to build a community that takes care of their personal and professional life. A community that connects, supports, and inspires each other to grow. A community that supports each other when we face challenges, especially during this uncertain time. 

On 1st January 2021, I will run my first virtual summit, which I named “2021 & Beyond Virtual Summit”. I gathered seven awesome speakers, including me, to share the topic about physical health, mental health, creative mind, energy, and how to be a better influencer. I pull this together in 3 weeks, inviting the speakers to the poster design and registration page. This Virtual Summit will be held online for FREE for the public from 2 pm – 6 pm (GMT +8). If you wish to know more about this summit, you can check it out here:

Physical and mental health is always my main sharing in the year 2020. I aspire to create awareness of the public about “Nothing matters if you don’t have a healthy body. The successful career, the happy family, the great relationship that you put in so much of your effort to build don’t matter if you’re on your sickbed. Self-care is the first step towards your dream life.”

To have our dream life, we have to prepare and level up ourselves in all areas. “Knowing why it’s happening, it’s easier for you to cope and figure out what you can do next.” 

My dream in 2021 is to create a community that is healthy and happy. We all can live in a happy and healthy environment if we take action to learn and start taking care of ourselves and those around us. 

So, I created a wellness masterclass which included the five key areas of our life: Mindset, Physical health, Stress Management, Relationship, and Movement. It’s an online course everyone can learn at their own pace with the videos and resources ready onboard. 

Lastly, I definitely wish my family, those around me, and I stay healthy and safe always. 

I always have my heart in Palliative care and dedicated some time to learn Palliative care four years ago to learn how to take care of those terminally ill patients. If we can do something to help those patients feel less suffering before the end of their life, no matter how small our action is, it matters for them. 

My charity NGO of my choice is Penang Hospice Society. 

Thank you for spending time reading my article here. Have a lovely day. 🙂

Joyce Wong Jin Yi
Hopes and Dreams Contest Participant

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