Keep the Lessons We Learn From 2020

My dreams and hopes for 2021 are that we keep the lessons we learn from 2020. No doubt the pandemic has changed our lives in many ways, and our “normal” will never be the same, but I dream that the experience we have now will help us live our lives in a better way.

In 2021, I dream and hope that we will continue to keep in close touch with our loved ones, call them more often, schedule video chats if we are unable to meet them physically. May we continue to care for each other, look out to see if our neighbor needs help, smile, and greet each other no matter how much of a rush we are in.

May parents continue to spend more time with their kids. Especially having meals together, no matter how busy they are with their work, they will schedule dinnertime together. May couples who have been drifting apart and have difficult relationships during 2020 COVID lockdown learn to live and love each other again. May they continue to communicate and repair what has been broken.

May 2021 be a year of less pain for everyone, less death, less war, less violence, less poverty. Better mental health, less fake news. More love, more compassion. May people treat each other with respect, learning to accept and embrace our differences. Regardless of religion or ethnicity, we all bleed the same. Our blood is of the same color. 

I hope 2021 will be a year we remember self-care. People will remember that regardless of what roles they have in life, may they remember to love and care for their own well-being first before they care for others.

Let us continue to learn from the tectonic change that the Coronavirus pandemic virus has brought into every aspect of our lives. May 2021 be the year we continue to question what is important in our lives, what our priorities are. 

My dream is a better earth. May we continue to be aware of how we treat Mother Earth. May we conserve and recycle whenever possible. Regardless of how 2021 turns out, we will get through it together. We have love. We have hope. We have unity. 

These are my dreams and hopes for the year 2021.


Lean Ong
Hopes and Dreams Participant

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