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Pregnancy Ultrasound

A pregnancy ultrasound is used to monitor you and your baby during your pregnancy.

Prenatal ultrasound is used to:

  • • Confirm your pregnancy status.
  • • Check to find out if you’re expecting more than one baby.
  • • Determine the stage of your pregnancy and the gestational age of your baby.
  • • Check your unborn baby’s fetal growth and position.
  • • Watch your unborn baby’s movement and heart rate.
  • • Check your unborn baby’s brain, spinal cord, heart, and other parts for congenital disorders (birth abnormalities).
  • • Check the amniotic fluid level.

How Often Should I Have an Ultrasound?

An ultrasound scan does not harm you or your baby. Hence, it is not wrong if you want to do a scan more often. Here’s our recommended timing for a scan:

Here’s our recommended timing for a scan:

• Before 12 weeks of pregnancy: The first scan is performed as soon as possible after a positive pregnancy test. The main goal of this scan is to determine your expected delivery date. An early scan is also recommended to establish whether you are carrying more than one baby.

• 12 to 13 weeks of pregnancy: This is the optimal time for a nuchal translucency scan. The NT scan detects babies with chromosomal abnormalities such as Down’s syndrome or babies with heart problems.

• 18 to 28 weeks of pregnancy: This is the best time to detect any apparent physical abnormalities in your baby. You can already ask your baby’s gender at this point.

• 28 weeks of pregnancy and above: The initial goal of this scan is to discover where your placenta is located. The second goal is to observe your baby’s growth pattern. The third goal is to determine the sufficiency of the fluid in your uterus, often known as amniotic fluid. Finally, this scan will evaluate your baby’s position. This is useful when discussing your delivery plans.

Treasure your pregnancy journey

Pregnancy is such a wonderful experience filled with many beautiful memories. Our clinic offers the latest 5D ultrasound technology for you to start creating unforgettable memories.

5D ultrasounds can be performed any time after 10 weeks. If you are only planning one visit to our facility, we feel the ideal time to have a 5D ultrasound is between 29 and 32 weeks. Expecting twins, the ideal time for a 5D ultrasound is between 23 to 26 weeks.

Our state-of-the-art 5D ultrasound will capture amazing views of your baby stretching, yawning, smiling, and maybe even sucking their thumb.

State of the Art

5D Ultrasound Machine

Offering exceptionally high sensitivity & spatial resolution through cutting-edge technology.

Why Use

5D/HD/HD Live

These images provide a clearer view of your baby, and seeing your unborn baby can immediately improve the bond between parent and child. Bonding throughout pregnancy is beneficial to both of you!

Our Packages

From pregnancy confirmation and gender determination to just spending time with your baby, we have an ultrasound package that will meet your needs.

April 22_ Package A_ Fetal Anomaly Scan

The fetal anomaly scan is used to evaluate your baby’s health and growth. If the scan reveals that your baby has a health problem or chromosomal condition, your healthcare professional will discuss it with you at the time.

5D (also known as HD and HD Live) ultrasounds are the most current innovation in ultrasound technology, allowing us to capture even clearer, sharper images. These photographs are clearer and have higher resolution.

Our Guarantee

We will make every attempt to obtain the best pictures possible. If we are unable to get images of your baby because of the fetal position, cord, or placenta, you are welcome to come back for another visit at any time. We can’t wait to see your little one!

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