Posted by Dr. Gan, 15 October 2016 | Patient: Ms. H.L. Lim 

Her journey was an unusual one. She found out that she had fibroids 3-4 years ago , at that stage it was approximately 2cm.

We chose to monitor the fibroid. Unfortunately a year later when she came back for a check-up, the fibroid had grown to 6cm.

At that time, although she was approaching her 40s’ she was planning to have her first baby. She was contemplating if she should remove it and came in to see me to discuss her problem.

There were a few life-threatening complications that could arise:
1. High-risk pregnancy because of her age
2. Fibroids can increase in size due to hormone changes during the pregnancy
3. Fibroid can be cancerous
4. On top of all that, the placenta was neighboring the fibroid, both of them sharing the same wall in the womb. That meant the placenta might not come out as smoothly.

We decided not to remove her fibroid. Her strong will helped pull her through the entire pregnancy.

We worked closely together throughout her pregnancy making sure she understood everything that was happening to her although she did develop some complications in the early stages of pregnancy.

Most importantly, the success of her journey may be attributed to the positive partnership in the team taking care of her before and after the delivery. 

The big day finally arrived! Her baby was successfully delivered at Gleneagles Penang. 

We were pleased and relieved as everything turned out well and she had a healthy baby girl.

Ms. Lim has one important advice she would love to share with other patients: That is to stay positive, trust your doctor and always have faith.


Dr. Gan's Patient Shares Her Journey Living With Fibroids & Having A Baby

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